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    CUSTOM VIDEO - VIDEO WAS DIRECTED BY THE PURCHASER - THE STORY: Imagine that this movie is you doing a let's play video of a new sexy Tomb Raider game. You're playing and talking about your favourite part of the game, which is the new sexy stealth take-downs. You provide some voice-over commentary on the scenes as they play out, describing what you're doing and why. In keeping with it being about the stealth system you talk quietly, or you could even whisper the narration. Scene 1: As I mentioned above, this scene would be Lara using her boobs to seduce the first guard. It being the first one you explain how you're reducing his resistance before closing in. Once Lara can get close enough she starts to jerk him off (as mentioned, this would be the mimed virtual handjob scene). You countdown how long Lara has to jerk him off to break his resistance, then Lara pushes her boobs over his face. As his oxygen bar depletes you talk about the advantage of using the classic latex costume for this bit of the game. Once the oxygen is gone the health-bar starts to drop, you mention that at half health he's only down temporarily so you make a point to finish him off. Scene 2: With this goon you have Lara use her legs, bum and boots. This time once Lara is close enough to start jerking the target off she puts her other hand over his mouth (again, this would be mimed and under the camera). You mention that this takes longer and is a riskier strategy because he's still got some resistance left, so you have to jerk him off exactly right. Once the oxygen hits zero and the health starts to fall the resistance starts to go back up, and you have to change the handjob control (maybe speed it up or slow it down) and you do another countdown for how long it takes at this speed to finish him off. Scene 3: You say that this is the boss fight but you know an exploit. You have Lara apply lipstick and mention that this fetish is the weakness of the boss and Lara can use this to put him into a trance. Sure enough she soon lulls him into a trance (a good time for some of those classic Lara sighs and posh commands) and his resistance drops halfway really fast. She continues to tease him with her lips as she starts jerking him off to get his resistance down lower. You say that you if you do this bit right you can get the boss to drop from a heart attack so you tease him more, while still jerking away, until finally his health starts to go down. You do another countdown and then when it and his health have hit zero the level is over. Lara does like a little cutscene where she blows her victim a kiss then closes his eyes with her hand (as in mimes doing this to the camera) and the screen fades to black. This is a 'Lets Play' style video, video game style format with me voicing over scenes and button combinations I've done to complete the level