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    Gamer Girl Satisfaction is a custom video - I use the name ‘Sam Clayton’ & ‘Jake Throughout this video - the storyline was created by the custom video purchaser. The Storyline is as follows: I work late as a dancer in a Club and you’re my boyfriend’s best mate “Sam Clayton”. He invited you over to watch some World Cup but has fallen a sl e e p on the other sofa (out of shot).
    So I return from work wearing a coat over your outfit. The xbox is on in the middle of a game. We have never met and I find you really cute. I Introduce myself. I tell you that I thought you were watching world cup and you tell me that “Jake” fell a s l eep and I moan he’s always doing that. I then take off my coat and sit down. I see you’re playing Far Cry. You’re stuck on a mission or something and trying to find a walkthrough on your phone. So I take the controller and show you what to do but you’re doubtful but I tell me girls can game too, I’ll prove it. It’s actually my xbox. You think I are hot and keep staring at me rather than the TV which I catch you doing and ask why you’re staring. You admit I am gorgeous. I remind you that my boyfriend is right there and could hear us. You tell me that you don’t care. That recklessness turns me on. I admit I actually think you’re really hot.
      It leads to us having some naughty fun while my boyfriend is in the same room. I give you a blowjob in front of the tv. Then I stand up and strip . When naked, take the xbox controller and rub it against my pussy while telling you to stroke. Then I ride you and I do this until you cum inside me and the spunk dribbles out. Struggle to stop it from spilling out as I leave the room. We need to take the risk and do this again at some point! You’re so naughty!! Pixelation / Censoring is only for the trailer, the video contains full nudity! This video also contains: Gaming, Blow Job, Tit Wank, Cowgirl Position Fucking, PAWG, Roleplay, Cheating Girlfriend, POV Sex, Cum in Pussy