Mindundermaster - Summer Day - Music Box

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    Summer Day is teasing her stepbrother about buying an old music box at a yard sale and it doesn't even work. While he's grabbing batteries she opens it up and a flashing light begins to blink in her eyes. No music plays just a weird distorted sound that is invading her mind. Reprogramming her as she repeats it's commands. I am docile I am submissive I am obedient I am nothing without my master I am my master's fuck toy I am my master's sex slave My purpose in life is to bring my master pleasure When Chad returns with the batteries his stepsister is all over him. Whispering in his ear about serving her master. "What's going on?" he asks. "Is my master not satisfied?" she responds as she slips her hand into his pants. Unable to resist Chad lets his stepsister start jerking him off as she moans and begs in his ear to serve and worship him. Just as they're both about to climax Chad stops her, but she won't let her master go unsatisfied for so long. After their parents are in bed she find Chad in the living room and crawls on top of him pulling out his cock once more. This time she's going to use more than her hand. She spits, sucks and licks as she beg her big stepbrother to let her pleasure him. Taking him all the way down her throat he relent and gives into his little stepsister's desire