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    Location: ManyVids. Melody Marks is only 19 years old but she's already married and she wants nothing more than to be a good christian wife for her husband. The goo doctor has little trouble diagnosing the issue, she feels like she's missing out but the solution is so simple. She needs a safe space were she can feel sexual. A space where she won't be judged. A space where she can live out ALL her desires and then go home to be a good christian wife for her husband. she starts off slowly, just playing with herself so the doctor can watch, but she would feel more comfortable if he was helping her because its not very christian to play with yourself. She shows the doctor how she kisses her husband and he recommends she use more tongue and really be sloppy. Soon he has her cumming over and over again, until she snaps back to the session. She feels better than she's ever felt in her life and can wait to come back.Session 2: Melody is dressed up in a sexy little outfit and confesses to changing in her car because her husband wouldn't approve, but she feels safe here. The doctor has her lay back [Beautiful Agony] and learns that she's never had anyone go down on her. He tells her to stare into the light and confess all her desires as he goes down on her. She moans as she confesses to wanting to be used like a little fucktoy. To just be rolled over and stuffed with cock. To be a plaything. After the doctor makes her cum he permits her to suck his cock, but snaps back to the session feeling bad. She wasn't a very good patient, but she gets on her knees and begs the doctor to see her again. She promises to be a good girl.Session 3: Melody slips out of her little black dress to reveal a tiny swimsuit underneath. The doctor is pleased and permits her to suck his cock before telling her to get on her hands and knees. She begs for him to use her body to make himself feel good, to fuck her however he wants. He owns her now, he's her savior and she worships him. She's so grateful as she thanks him for saving her, for using her, for letting her be a fuckdoll in this safe space. She eager and ready to please, he doesn't even need to do anything, she'll do all the work, she'll do anything. Its her duty to please his cock, to make him feel good to make him cum. And there are so many other young women at the church that could use his help. They could have group session. Overnight. Anything the doctor wants, she's on call 24/7. The doctor is more important than her husband, more important than her church, even more important than her god. He IS her god and she just wants to worship him from now on.TAGS: Melody Marks, Boy/Girl, cheating wife, submissive, ASMR, Kissing, blowjob, missionary, doggie, cowgirl, close-up, cum in mouth, bikini, religion, beautiful agony, begging, whispering, dirty talk, Magic control