Roxy Cox - Possessed by my bad dragon

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    First video with my new bad dragon toy, in this video I'm possessed by my new dragon toy and have my hair in a ponytail & makeup darker to really emphasize my dark side! Lots of cumshots in too and fully nude throughout with lots of sloppy fingering and masturbation sounds! I've just got my new bad dragon toy and I'm so excited to try it out. I can't wait to get my hands on this new dragon dick. I slide it inside my pussy but it's so big I can only get it in halfway. But I don't care, I'm still having such good fun fucking and stretching my tight pussy and this new toy feels so good. Suddenly I feel this weird sensation deep inside me, it's almost like someone has cum inside me. I look down and to my surprise I see this white sticky substance dripping out of my cunt, it looks like cum but there's so much of it and it's pure white and sticky. I start to play with it and taste it and it's so fucking good better than any cum I've ever tasted. I rub it all over me and suck the head of the dragon dick clean. I want more, I need more and I have a craving for more of this cum. All my body wants to do is fuck this dick and get filled with more cum. I finger my cum filled pussy and play with the cum. I need to fuck this dick again, fucking myself in different positions, missionary, doggy, on top and I just keep fucking like some horny crazed nympho wanting more cum/ Alternating the pace as I go along, long and hard strokes and fast and deep. I get another huge load in my wet juicy cunt and I'm going to use this cum as lube to finger my ass and get it ready to take my dragon dick, sliding all my sticky cum covered fingers deep in my ass and fucking it hard with my new toy I get a big creampie in my tight ass and push it out so you can see all that dragon cum drip out. I love to play with the cum as it drips out, fingering my holes continously and tasting the cum. Yo To finish myself off I fuck my pussy again and get one last big creampie inside me and then squirt it out. So tasty my cunt juices mixed in with this tasty dragon cum and I eat it up. Turns out I was turned into a servant from the thing that possessed the toy and now I can hear him in my head making me want more and unable to resist. He's got more planned for me too