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    I've spent the whole evening get ready for my date, we've only met a couple of times but tonight is going to be special. I'm all dressed up in my hot red sexy lingerie and you finally get to my place and you bring a card and chocolates how nice, but let's leave that aside and time for you to get those pants off. You pull them down and WTF is that? I laugh at you, how pathetic is that little dick, it's tiny and here was you bragging before to me that you were big. What a fucking joke and you've wasted my time, getting ready for a loser like you who has a baby dicklet that is laughable. Did you really think you would impress me with your worthless pathetic cock. My little finger is bigger than your little cock that's how tiny you are a baby dick loser who can;t please any woman. So now that you've wasted my time you are going to be punished for lying to mistress. I open you pathetic card, Oh I love you Roxy so much you dumb fuck we only met a couple of times, like I'm going to be interested in dating a useless dick loser, I rip your card to shreds, tearing it up into tiny pieces and break your heart. You are a loser and useless little dick who is of no use to me unless your opening your wallet, that was the only attraction to begin with and now I know your little secret I'm going to punish your tiny cock and balls. CBT and humiliated is what a loser like you deserves, I prick your little dick with the thorns on my rose. That's what you are a little prick who deserves to be punishes for lying to your goddess about your little pathetic cock. Lay on the floor loser I'm going to really punish your worthless loser cock, pressing my 6 inch heel down on your tiny balls and little shaft, even my heels are bigger that your loser dick. Laughing at your worthless manhood and stamping on your little loser dicklet. Imagine you attempting to please me with that little dick, I would crush your dick with my heels, making you shrink more if that's even possible for that useless dick to get any smaller! Crush you between my tits, you don't even deserve to see my body your not worthy loser. I should be here with a BBC to please me and make you my little cuck but seeing as you wasted my time, I'm going to punish you more. I get those candles I lit and pour hot candle wax all over your loser cock, I hope it hurts you fucking little idiot, little dicks like you deserve to be punished and humiliated. Then I laugh at you while you attempt to jerk your little dick covered in candle wax, you only use two fingers cause your cock is so small. Your going to cum little dick loser but I'm going to make you eat your own cum for me. Little dick losers have to eat their own cum and ask permission to cum for mistress. I open your chocolates you brought me earlier but I'm not going to be eating them oh no you are going to cum on those chocolates and I'm going to make you eat every one covered in your pathetic load. Mistress will feed you cum covered chocolates and you'll eat everyone...