Little Puck - Pervy Sisters Want Your Cum

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    Your sisters are going at it again...they keep fighting...but what about? They fall silent as you approach and Puck, your older sister, turns to smile at you. “Have a great day, lil bro! See u later!” She walks out and Cattie pouts at you...she caught you ogling Puck and she hates that u pay so much attention to her! “You practically eye fuck Puck every damn time you see her! It’s like you wanna fuck her or something...” she sneers, wiggling her ass and scowling. Later that night, something incredible get up to something warm and wet stirring….Cattie, your troubled little sister, is gagging on your stiff dick! She sees you’ve caught her and she shushes you trying to get you to calm down while still slobbering all over your cock. She scoffs and says it’s okay, she just needed to experiment & try your cock out! You wouldn’t have a problem if it was PUCK, would you?? Listen! She’s not the angel you THINK she is!” Cattie begins to elaborate on all the INSANELY fucked up things Puck gets up to! She’s a whore! A cock loving slut! She goes off on all the nasty things she’s seen her do...while still stroking & sucking you...until she reveals the Big Secret...Puck Fucks Your Dad!! You can’t tell if Cattie’s fucked up fantasy is true or not still gets your cock strangely erect. Cattie rips her bra off, sucking harder, trying to prove she’s just as good, if not better than Puck when all of a sudden. Puck walks in and coyly strips down to a siren red sexy little lingerie number with garters! This is better than your wildest dreams could even imagine! Cattie gets really shy and fingers her pussy and fondles her breasts quietly while Puck brazenly shares all the fucked up things she does with men...and your dad...while she slathers your cock in spit, making your dick so hard and erect and aching to burst! “Dad put up a hell of a fight but in the end he was slapping my ass as I cooed daddy, he really like being called daddy again, especially when he was balls deep in my pussy. We fucked every time we could get, all over the house. I loved playing a game where I would sneak into the master bedroom and suck daddy’s dick while mom was in bed next to him. You guys have no idea how wet I get from the knowledge that mom left because I became dad’s personal little fuck toy...” She tells you perverted tales of her exploits with your teachers and the husbands at the office... while she mounts you and begins to ride...knowing she’s making you the happiest brother in existence! She switches to all fours and you’re mesmerized by her large ass moving back and forth until you can’t help yourself and you nut sooo fucking deep in her! It spills out and she immediately grabs Cattie by the hair and pushes her down on your cock, making her clean you up and get you hard again. Puck teaches Cattie how to deepthroat while telling her that she’s been wanting to train her to take Your cock this whole time! Puck has Dad and she wanted Cattie to have their brother...