KimberleyJx - You're Not Worthy

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    You worship every part of me, you can't get enough can you? You're not like other guys though - you know you'd NEVER please me, you know you're useless, I do too.. you look at every part of my body, wishing you could play with me, wishing you could have the confidence to touch me but you know you're worthless.. you're not worthy. Get on your hands and knees and worship your mistress, adore and admire every inch of my body. Stare at my figure clinging to this tight PVC outfit, does it look good from down there? You're such an obedient little slut aren't you? Seeing you weak and useless makes me more powerful.. I wonder what am I going to do with you next? This video contains: SPH, Humiliation, Domination, Body Worship, Mistress, Verbal Humiliation, Femdom