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    READ DESCRIPTION FIRST PLEASE ** ** Had a little malfunction with my dildo and cumshot/end is a little blurry, but I didnt want to cut it out because of waste of cumlube because I had no more haha. BJ wasnt intended in the vid but I tried it and failed abit, but its in there still** **video is a little long to get into dildofucking, is a good edging video or just skip to the dildofucking at 15min** *first 13:30 min is RP/POV AGONY STYLE + SOME TITTYFUCKING **LAST 15 MIN IS DILDOFUCKING AND A SHORT BJ FACIAL** * SOLO VID* Master your finally home!! as I greet you like a good little pet coming up to you kissing you on both your cheeks. Ive missed you all day while you were away, and while you were gone I was real lonely and couldnt stop thinking about you. I have something to tell you too! everytime I thought about you my boobies seemed to get a little bigger, isnt that weird Master?! can you tell how much bigger they have got while you were gone master? they dont even fit in your favorite top you like me in anymore! My titties are very sore though, I feel like the only think to help it if they were full of milk maybe?. I think if Master wants to help his cute little pet that he should impregnant me! what do you think? Ide love to have masters load of cum inside me filling me up so my titties can get even bigger and full of milk! I then start to tease you abit with my ass, begging abit for you to fuck me while I bend over fingering my tight wet little pussy. Master please! my pussy is craving your cock so much, cant you hear how wet I am for you? I then show you a little bit of tittyfucking telling you how good it must feel since my boobies are a little bigger now being easier to tittyfuck you. Master if you got me pregnant my boobies would be huge and full of milk and it would be the best for me to tittyfuck you I think! You finally decide to fuck me, and I want it first you fucking me on my back (here is a long POV version/beautiful agony kind of style view where its just my face and titties bouncing only) you fuck me like this for awhile and then you bend me over in doggy fucking me from behind. After, I bounce up and down on your cock with a nice view of my ass bouncing up and down lots (lots of jiggle) and then finishing your little pet impregnating her with a huge load of cum inside her pussy as a huge load of it pours out. I still want a little more tonight....so I ask you for a quick facial covering me in your cum so im completly filled and drenched with Masters yummy delicious cum