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    This is a one of a kind Audio Book that explains how to make money selling adult content. It's also an in depth, behind the scenes look at my videos and the girls I made them with. In 4 months I became the 16th highest selling producer on Manyvids and if these methods worked for me they can work for you too! I explain how I got started, the websites, marketing techniques, video editing software that I use and tips to save you time and money. I talk about every girl, every shoot and all the stories, drama, updates and girls contact info. I also answer the common questions I get and buyers can inbox me any follow up questions they have. I also talk about my philosophies on women, domination, my background, other producers who copy my ideas, and much much more. There's over 300 pictures included that help tell the story. Whether you're looking to get started, wanting to boost your current sales or are just curious about the behind the scenes stories of a porn guy, this Audio Book is for you. Thank you guys for all your support! My own website's coming soon! More hot videos of young girls getting Throat Fucked + Dominated, coming to Manyvids very soon!