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    Bailey's a 19 yo brat who said she was "very submissive", she even refers to herself as a slave. Problem is she does what's called "topping from the bottom". Meaning she pretends she's submitting to the man when really attempting to control everything. She tried all the whore tricks like pushing the cock to the side of her mouth instead of down her throat. Pushing her shoulder and hands to not let me take control and go too deep, kept trying to take breaks and she also cried and complained like a little baby. All in the hopes of discouraging me from truly Dominating her. Well today, Bailey bit off way more than she can chew, the brat got put in her place and was used like the teen slut that she is. She couldn't handle hours of very rough Throat Fucking, literally one of the longest such scenes in porn history. Bailey arrived perky and thinking she'd control me but ended up a broken down mess of tears, cum, smeared makeup and everything she ejected from her stomach while she took cock too deep. This was her 1st video, and she did lots of 1st time sex acts like worshiping a man's body, kissing a man from head to toe, including foot worship and lots of kissing the cock, especially on the head, giving a rim job (which I had to explain to her what it was), crying during a bj and of course, losing her stomach contents all over my cock. She even admitted that although she didn't enjoy it, "guys will love seeing me p*ke on your dick." She's done a few low key vids since mine but has never been Dominated and Throat Fucked before or since. Bailey said afterwards that I taught her she's not a pure submissive and now identifies as a switch (likes to Dom and sub). Well Bailey can run all her tricks on guys, but she left my hotel broken down and forever changed. See the amazing transformation from cute teen to used throat whore. Us older guys love teaching these young sluts their place! FREE preview.
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