MySweetApple - Holidays in Lanzarote PART 2

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    During Part 1 of this Holiday in Lanzarote you could see us traveling to the island, getting very naughty during the trip and arriving to enjoy our own private swimming pool. In this Part 2 we'll take you to a paradisiac beach to watch Kim play topless on the crystal clear water. Still topless and only wearing a little thong we go trekking up the mountain and discover not only that we have an incredible view but also that we are alone, so we take advantage of the situation and start having fun. Watch Kim suck Paolo, ride him and then even grab the camera and record selfie style whie Paolo fucks her standing doggy. With a perfect view behind her, Kim suck Paolo until he fills her mouth with cum. We keep walking and Kim all of a sudden discovers a naked penis in another beach close by, it's a nudist beach! So we rush down the mountain to discover an even more beautiful beach! Kim takes her little thong off and Paolo reeases his massive cock and we go to enjoy the fresh water completely naked. As you may know, this is our favorite thing to do, ever! That night was the solar eclipse, so we take our car and drive to the middle of an empty road to watch it, but you know us... Paolo starts licking my pussy on the hood and then starts fucking me over the car, on the side road, in the car, everywhere! But don't worry, you can still watch the eclipse with us through one of our most artistic fucks ever! Then I take him to the passenger's seat and suck him until he gives me all his load in my mouth. You know I love swallowing and you can witness that in this video. Don't miss our best holidays video ever and make sure you have Part 1 already