MySweetApple - Holidays in Lanzarote PART 1

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MySweetApple - Holidays in Lanzarote PART 1 - Cover MySweetApple - Holidays in Lanzarote PART 1 - Cover 2 MySweetApple - Holidays in Lanzarote PART 1 - Cover 3 MySweetApple - Holidays in Lanzarote PART 1 - Screenlist
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    After the night train, our second favourite means of transport is the night ferry, and we love it so much we decided to film a whole tour around it, and I guess you know how our tours end up. We went to the terrace, it was really windy and humid. I took Paolo’s cock out and started sucking him as if I hadn’t seen him for days! Then we fuck inside in the public corridors and go back to the cinema area to finish what we started. Once in Lanzarote we go to the beach and let the water enjoy Kim's ass and bare boobs. Then we go to the house we rented and it was even better than expected, we finally had a beautiful swimming pool and we were ready to fuck all over it. There’s no better experience than getting a tan while being fucked so good, taking small intervals to enjoy the fresh water of the pool. Apart from fucking in every position, we also do some prone bone (a term we’ve just learned), which is one of our favorite positions now, and then he gives me a huge facial that obviously hits my eye. Enjoy our holidays with us! This is Part 1 of a 2-part movie (for the sake of quality we've decided to split it). This VIdeo Includes: Outdoors and public scenes, handjob, blowjob, cum on hand and high 5, underwater angles, topless, deepthroat, underwater fingering, facial, doggy, missionary, oil play, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, prone bone
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