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    I am Candice Grey the Valedictorian of our school. We have a project in class that is worth a lot of our grade and for some stupid reason the teacher paired me with you... 'Anh'. You don't speak any English and I don't know how to say your name. I am so pissed off that we are partners. I act like such a little bitch towards you, Then my boyfriend calls.. the hottest guy in school. I complain and bitch about you to him. For some reason you whip out your cock. I try to look away but I cant help but stare at it... Its just so nice.. My mouth starts to salivate and I get closer and closer to your cock. I start licking and then sucking it while still on the phone with my boyfriend. He can tell I'm distracted but I say I'm just doing my work. I take off my panties and pull you closer onto the couch. I get on top of you and start riding you. I'm breathing heavy and put the phone down so I can concentrate on you. I get back on the phone briefly to say I need to go and then I ride you more intensely until I cum
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