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    Im upset your father is not texting me back. He has been staying out really late recently and I think he is cheating on me with another woman. We talk about it for a bit until I realize there is something weird in your pants... Oh.. Its your...Cock! Wow... I convince you to take your pants off and I cant believe you are much much bigger than your father. Can I touch it? I start grabbing your cock, talking about how thick it is. I take off my robe and I start sucking it, its so big for my mouth. Then we get your cock inbetween my tits for a little and back in my mouth. I suck it, spit on it, and gag on it. I try to get it in as far as possible but your cock is a monster. You end up cumming a massive load all over my face and right in my eye. I play with your cum and little and then go wash up before your father comes home
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