Lilcanadiangirl - Rems Desperate BJ

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    You find Rem pouting on her bed, you ask whats wrong? She says she will never get a boyfriend because she’s not pretty. You tell her she IS pretty. She wants a boyfriend so she can make him happy anyway possible, like even suck his dick everyday. She asks if you want to be her boyfriend. You say yes. Rems never been so happy, she gets down on her knees and asks to suck yours. She’s never seen such a huge cock before. She puts it in her mouth and licks it all over. Rem gets her tits out and lets you titty fuck her. It feels so good you cum a little, she says no! She wants you to cum in her mouth. She sucks your cock so good you shoot your load on her face and in her mouth, she makes sure to suck out every last drop. Rem plays with your cum on her nipples and wants to leave it on her dress and face for the rest of the day
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