Lilcanadiangirl - Hermione and the Curse

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    You come up to your friend Hermione and tell her you have just been cursed by a dark wizard. He infected your semen and it will turn you into a dark wizard if we don't extract it from your body. Since I don't know any spells for this I decide to just jerk you off and get your semen out myself. We get your cock out as fast as possible, the curse is already working! You are looking different already. I start sucking your cock and then get naked to help make you cum. A little bit gets in my mouth, then I jerk you off all over my tits. Your dick is getting bigger!!! I do a little dance and play with the cum all over my body. When I go back to suck your dick its grown twice the size! You are so muscular and handsome now, I think Im falling in love. I suck your cock like a slut, let you fuck my tits and cum all over my face. Now you can fuck me with your giant cock. You stretch me out and fill me up with so much cum. I know theres more left. I suck your dick for a final and massive facial. I will follow you on your journey wherever you go. I will help you fuck all the girls in the world with your glorious cock.
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