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    I live with a friend, her boyfriend comes over to surprise her but she just left to do some errands. I tell him that she should be back in about an hour and I invite him to stay and wait. He hasn't seen me in a while and notices I got some work done - my chest looks bigger! He shares that his girlfriend wants to go bigger too, but he's nervous about how implants look and feel. I tell him to not be ridiculous and that they're amazing! I ask if he wants a closer look at mine. He agrees, and I pull down my top to expose the sports bra to him. He admires them and says they look great! I say they feel great too, and offer to let him feel. He's hesitant. He doesn't want to cheat on his gf. I assure him that it's not cheating. It's research! He feels them and again, admires them. He thinks they're great, but still isn't convinced. So I pull my top back over my boobs and offer another test...all that matters is how your cock feels between them, right? Give my tits a real try! His POV the entire time. Titfuck Part 1 (him standing, me sitting) (top still on, bra still on, titfuck underneath bra & top). Titfuck Part 2 (him sitting, me sitting between his legs) (top removed, bra stays on, cumshot between tits in bra!) Music in the TRAILER ONLY (bensound-inspire) KEYWORDS: POV, big tits, big boobs, clothed tittyfuck, titty fuck, tittyfuck, tittyfucking, titty fucking, tittyfucked, titty fucked, titjob, cum on tits, moaning, cumshot, amateur. cleavage, big loads, gopro, oil, dirty talk, tit worship, tattoo, assisted masturbation, titty bouncing, tank top, sports bra, cheating