ImMeganLive - PUBLIC WEDGIES Vol. 3

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    AGAIN! He embarrassed me AGAIN the whole time we were shopping! It's been the 3rd time now that we're going at Walmart and I don't know what's getting into his head, but he randomly starts to give me wedgies! In front of everybody! People in front of me, behind me, beside me! I couldn't believe what was happening AGAIN! I had so many awkward moments through eye contact with total strangers while it was happening! And I was wearing those light orange panties with little dogs on it. You know...the kind of panties you wear on don't want anybody seeing you in...they have a big tight band....and he had fun pulling them as high and hard as he could and just let hit snap back! Two hands wedgies and while I was sitting also. He even pantsed me twice!!! Last but not least, he tied my panties above my shorts right after he gave me a big two hands wedgie reaching down on both side of my panties under my butt! I just didn’t care anymore at this point, I was fed up…just kept walking like that. Music ONLY in the trailer (Taylor Girlz - Wedgie In My Booty) KEYWORDS: wedgie, wedgies, panty fetish, panties, pantsed, pantsing, games, jeans, walking, butt, ass, laughing, voyeur, public, public flashing, camel toe, pov, walmart, big tits. amateur, submissive, gfe, ass shaking, shopping, mall, embarrassment, humiliation, imposed stripping, t-shirts and Panties