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    My friend Clara Dee came home to visit me this afternoon. What's better to do than play with balloons, right! So I've pulled out a bunch of balloons that were sitting there impatiently to have our bodies, mouths and hands on! We're blowing lots of them, rubbing them on our bodies, boobs. Then, we're having fun doing some blow to pop and sit to pop. So exciting! But we're so scared when it comes to popping! Then, we've introduced the first ever BOOBS TO POP, putting the balloon between our tits, and pull thrust each other in order to try and make it pop. Do you think we've succeeded? Music in the Trailer ONLY ( bensound-jazzyfrenchy ) KEYWORDS : Balloons, balls, balloon, ball, loons, loon, looner, looners, loonerism, pop, b2p, blow to pop, blowpop, sit2pop, s2p, sit to pop, sitpop, long neck, inflation, inflate, popping, scared, amateur, blow, blowing, feet, foot, manicure, long nails, HD porn, 1080P, 60fps, DSLR, big tits, big boobs, bouncing, bounce, laugh, laughs, laughter, girlongirl, girl girl, lesbians, lesbian