Xev Bellringer - French Maid Swallows

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    Location: American. You couldn't focus on your work... you couldn't take your eyes off her. Her bosom heaved out of the tight, black uniform as she scrubbed away, breathing hard. Panting. Moaning even. She apologized for distracting you, and continued to shake out your bed sheets. With every throw, her skirt fluttered up... she wasn't wearing any panties. Her flushed pussy was only inches from your face and her big ass bounced closer and closer. Until she stumbled backward onto your lap.Your aching cock pushed against her buns as she grappled to lift herself off of you, giggling apologies again. Did she feel it? With every shift of her body, your hard cock rubbed, wanting her more. She stopped moving.She knew exactly what was throbbing between her stockinged legs. She knew what her skimpy, little maid uniform did to you... And the last thing she wanted was for anyone to find out just how... distracted you were by her. She was desperate to take care of you... of your hard, pulsating...distraction. And would be sure to swallow every, last drop.Fantasy includes: virtual sex, french maid fetish, blow job, cum swallowing, french accent, voyeur, cleaning, upskirt, bouncing, heels, fishnet stockings, pov
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