Mystie Mae - Step-Daughter Takes Daddy's Dick

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    Daddy won't let me go out with my friends tonight because my mom said I was grounded and he had to make sure I didn't go anywhere. He did say I could have all of the fun that I wanted to have here, so I will. To get my payback for not letting me out of the house I tease him over his boxers and feel that he's nice and hard. After I realize he's getting into it I leave and don't let him have any pleasure. Little did I know, as I started to walk away he grabbed my arm and made me finish what I started. He had me start with a blowjob to get him throbbing. After he was hard I stripped on the bed for daddy and then started to ride his cock nice and fast. When he was done with me on top, he wanted me on all fours so he can penetrate me in doggystyle. While we were in doggystyle he starts to put his thumb in my ass, not knowing what was going to happen next. He startles me when I start to feel his dick go into my ass! I've never done anal before so I'm nice and tight for daddy. After he's done fucking me in my ass, I get back on my knees for some face fucking and for him to cum all on my tongue and in my mouth. After his last drop of cum has touched my tongue, I eat it all up for daddy. I guess it ended up being a fun night after all. Please do not purchase this video expecting hard anal sex. Soft, slow anal sex is featured only
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