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    MY 2nd CLIP WITH MY NEW BOOBS SHOWN! Not pleased with the video quality, hence the discount price. I'm making a special order of squirt with 2x the cum in it just for YOU! You wanted to see how it's made, so I want to have some fun with it. You're gonna jerk-off anyways, so why not play a little game? I'll tell you how to stroke your cock to me and we'll see if you can cum when I burst! Think you can make it? (Various angles/views. Round 2 for your "cum-down" + bonus Snapchat footage of me squirting EVERYWHERE after!) Tags: squirt/squirting, gush/gushing, creamy/creamy cum/creamy pussy, wet, soaked, JOI/JOI games/jerk off instructions, lingerie/red lingerie, thigh highs, garter belt, high heels, stockings, dirty talk, close-ups, tattoos, inked, piercings, alternative, solo female/solo masturbation, Cattie Candescent, fretsetgo