Roxy Cox - Rough Ahegao Facefuck from Ghost

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    Location: Irish / UK. I can already feel the presence of the ghost. I realise it's the same face fucking ghost as the last time. But this time I react differently. It does not surprise me at all as (the ghost keeps on visiting and face fucking you). I become angry and frustrated. I know there is nothing I can do and this ghost will have it's way with me no matter what I try to do. Instead of trying to resist I start stripping angrily. Getting naked, keeping only the high heels on and I present my body for the ghost to get hard. On my knees, I begin to angrily rant about what's happening , "god damn it, it's the face fucking ghost again! You are here to fuck my face again, arent you? Make go gluh gluh gluh on your dick?" Finally, the ghost starts face fucking you. You look into the camera with your eyes wide open, move your head back and forth and do loud and clear "gla gla gla". After a bit of facefucking, you start angrily taunting the ghost again and encouraging him to fuck your face even harder, "come on, is that all you've got? You have a perfect face fucking bimbo here and that's it! So now the ghost fucks your face really fast and makes your head shake and boobs bounce. After that, the ghost puts me in a bent over standing position, you start being impatient and demand to be face fucked as this is a very uncomfortable position, urging the ghost to get on with it already. Lastly, the ghost puts you laying back, head hanging upside down and legs in the air. One more time, you go on a rant, commenting on the position the ghost put you in, whether he likes how you look, waiting to be face fucked and go gluh gluh on the dick. You keep taunting the ghost until it starts fucking your face. For the final position, the ghost will put you on the bed, head hanging upside-down on the edge, legs up in the air. The ghost fucks your face extremely fast and cums in your mouth. Letting some drool out of your mouth and it drip down my face.