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    Location: Irish / UK. This is a boy/girl video with a real big 8 inch thick cock! Natalie has a sexy Aussie accent and is your step-sister sitting on the toilet, peeing and brushing her teeth. Her knickers are down round her ankles an her brother is peeking through a gap in the door and jerking off. Natalie spots her brother perving and starts freaking out. The brother pushes open the door to get a good look at her. Natalie's mouth is full of toothpaste so she can only mumble. She's clearly calling her brother a sick perv, telling him to get the fuck out, but the toothpaste is muffling her words and she has nowhere to spit it. She goes to get up and the brother steps on her panties round her ankles, stopping her standing up. With her unable to shout properly, he carries on jerking off, this time right in front of her face as she screams & objects. Eventually, Natalie gets so frustrated and grossed out, she spits the toothpaste out onto her own tits so she can speak. She screams at her brother, telling him to stop, get off her knickers so she can move. He completely ignores her and carries on jerking, enjoying her helplessness.Roxy your Mom hears all the noise and comes into the bathroom. She bends down next to Natalie and ask what the hell is going on here?" The mom looks back and forth between them trying to figure out what's going on. Finally she reaches her conclusion "I see what's going on here she says looking up at the brother. Your stepsister's been teasing you again hasn't she? "Has this spoilt little bitch been sitting in here with her knickers pulled down trying to tempt you with her little cunt" "Yes, that's it, I know you're a good boy and you wouldn't be in here with your cock out unless she was teasing you like a little slut" She turns to the step-daughter, grabbing her by the hair "Isn't that right?!". "And after being a little cock tease, you didn't even have the decency to give your brother a hand with the problem you caused I see. He shouldn't have to stand there jerking his own cock because of you should he" The daughter has a pissed off frown but her mom makes her do as she's told. Now if you want to carry on living in this house, you better give your brother a hand. GO ON!" The daughter looks disgusted and turns her head away as she reaches out at grabs his cock. She starts to jerk it weakly in protest, but her mother scolds her and makes her to do a proper job - look your brother in the eye so he can enjoy it, jerk it harder, spit on your hand and give him some lube the poor thing, grab his balls, e.t.c. All the while the daughter looks disgusted and unhappy but has no choice.The mother spots that the brother is having a hard time cumming and blames the daughter. "Looks like you haven't done a good enough job to finish your brother off - probably those rough hands of yours". "You'd better let him use your tits, I'm sure you can at least do that right. Go on, squeeze them together for him." The sister turns her head in protest but the mother has her held tight. She squeezes her boobs together, still with traces of toothpaste foam on them, and lets the brother titfuck her. The mother gives more dirty JOI to the son and tells the sister to do the same and encourage her brother.When the titfuck fails to get the brother to cum, the mom tells the daughter to open her mouth and let her brother use her throat to jerk off with. She shakes her head but the mother tells her to think about her family instead of herself for a change. The daughter eventually opens her mouth and the son sticks his cock in slowly, as far as she can take. The mom tells the daughter to put some effort in and she starts to gag and tear up as her brother throatfucks her. While she is deepthroating, the brother also puts the camera between her legs to get a better view of her pussy while she rubs it.The brother starts wanking his cock, about to cum. The mother helps finish him off "Go on darling, shoot your cum all over your sister's little slut face, teach that spoilt little bitch a lesson". "Go on, tell your brother!!" She twists her hair even more and slaps her face. The sister joins in weakly "Yeah, cum all over my little slut face". The mother takes the sister's panties off and tells her to wrap them round her brother's cock. She throws out a few more JOI lines which the sister repeats without any enthusiasm. Finally the brother cums and covers the sister's face all over. The mother finishes the scene by telling her to go clean her self up like a good little slut.