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ImMeganLive - MOM-SON LOVE STORY - PART 8 - PREGNANCY - Cover ImMeganLive - MOM-SON LOVE STORY - PART 8 - PREGNANCY - Cover 2 ImMeganLive - MOM-SON LOVE STORY - PART 8 - PREGNANCY - Cover 3 ImMeganLive - MOM-SON LOVE STORY - PART 8 - PREGNANCY - Screenlist
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    Location: Canadian / Montreal, Canada. The story picks up 7 months later. Mommy's pregnant (It worked last time!) of her son and they live happy as husband and wife. There's one problem though, they haven't had sex in a while now because he's scared to hurt the baby. She drags herself in the living room with her big belly, she struggles to walk and sit on the couch. She explains to him how she's tired to be pregnant, back hurts, tits hurts....AND she's ALWAYS horny! She's fed up with this and she wants the D. She offers him a blowjob, as long as she can play with it. After a little suck, she decides to please him even more, maybe he'll change his mind and fuck her! So she tells him that he can face fuck her! She goes down on her knees, he stands up, takes her head and fucked her face. Lots of gagging and drooling. Lots of mommy and pregnant dirty talk throughout the whole video. Then, let's crank it up, she brings him in their bedroom, oiled up her big mommy titties, laid on her back on the bed and asked him to fuck them! It was pretty intense and he fucked those big juggs hard. Mom couldn't wait until delivering the baby to get her son's dick inside of her! She convinced him to ride him slowly and control the movement, to show him there is ways to fuck and not hurt the baby! The more she fucked him, the more intense it'd get and harder she'd fuck him! She came real hard on his cock! Now that she proved that there are no danger, it was his turn to cum and be in control. She laid down on her back and asked him to fuck him hard! And he did! Lots of dirty talk here again. Then she encouraged him to cum inside of her and give her a nice creampie (Cum visible). Watch Part 7, the sequel, to find out what happens next...coming up soon!KEYWORDS : Pregnant, Pregnancy, impregnation, housewife, milf, taboo, Blowjob, face fucking, mouth fucking, big tits, big boobs, POV, role play, mom, mommy, stepmom, momma's boy, family affairs, oily tits, oil, titty fuck, tittyfuck, titjob, titty bouncing, tittyfucking, titty fucking, tittyfucked, titty fucked, deepthroat, gagging, drooling, female orgasm, missionary, cowgirl, riding, fucking, titty worship, dirty talk, skirt, homemade, amateur. brunette, virtual sex, love addiction, megan live, meganlive, immeganlive
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