Pitykitty - Naruto SEX NO JUTSU

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    The video is 39min long. [Recorded with dslr and semi-professional illumination]---------- [scripted video] [mini-plot]---------- the video contains: Cosplaying an original character (Naruto) Gender trasformation, Anal play, Pussy Play, POV ride, Cumshot Creampie, Closeups, Feet, Anal Plug, Dirty Talk, roleplay ----------[]---------- Naruto is bored because Kakashi sensei (his teacher) doesn't appear so he decides to experiment a bit alone. [Naruto Masturbation as a male the first 10 minutes] Then, he wonders if cumming as a girl feels better than a boy. [Girl masturbation: Anal and Pussy play during 15 minutes] Oh no! Kakashi has been here the whole time spying Naruto! Wait, he will teach how to use the pussy properly! [POV Fucking, Ride and Closeups the rest of the video] ----------[]---------- PERSONAL NOTE: Holy wOWWW THIS IS THE MOST COMPLETE VIDEO I'VE DONE! and also the most funny to do! Hope you liked as much as I did
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