Roxy Cox - Taking my huge bat

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    I love a challenge and taking this bat is a big one! I'm naked and wet and ready to take on this huge bat and stretch both my holes. I'm going to sit on top of that bat and slide it slowly inside my tight pussy and feel it stretch me out. So big but it feels oh so good feeling it stretch my tight wet pussy lips apart as beg to grind on it. Then I lie on my back and spread my legs wide open, I need both hands to drive that bat deep inside me and stretch that pussy more. Gaping it open that big bat just stretches me so much and my pussy is dripping wet. Now I want to feel my ass get stretched and I'm going to stand on my sofa and park my round ass right on top of that bat so you can see it slide in nice and slow. That bat makes me moan in pleasure as I ride that bat deep in my ass and feel it stretch me out just like a huge dick was rammed inside me. Those big tits shake as I bounce on that big bat, mmm and then I bent over doggy style and fuck my ass again that bat is so big and long and its stretching my ass out. Gaping my ass open you can open you can see how much it's stretched me and then I lick that bat clean tasting my pussy and ass juices
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