Roxy Cox - Reverse Roles - Now I'm your boss

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    I arrive late to work today and you want to see me in your office. You ask why i am late and I say you had me working late last night here at the office on that project you wanted me to finish so I had a lie in. While I was working late I did happen to look on your computer and came across some interesting files on there, the smirk on your face soon fades and you know what I seen. Those embarrassing photos of you dressed in womenn's lingerie, stockings and panties and I also saw all the dirty movies you've been watching forgot to clear your browser history didn't you. I was quite shocked when i seen them myself but you know who would be even more surprised to find out your wife. From now on things are going to change, see I've got those photos to blackmail you with. The tables have turned and now I'm your boss and if you don't I'll expose you for the sissy crossdresser you are to your wife, family, friends, work associates. You'll lose everything important to you, I'll destroy your marraige, your business and you'll be out on the street if you don't do whatever I say. From what I seen in those files your weak for stockings and heels and guess what I'm wearing under my dress, nylon stockings with huge heels. You'll give me a pay rise, a share in your business, give me whatever your want. But you like to be bossed around, this is what you really want to be dominated by a hot female boss like me. Get over here and lick my heels clean, I control you now do as I say or i'll ruin your life. Your going to give me a foot massage, worship my feet every inch of me and my perfect body. Guess what I brought to work today a nice big huge strap on, I'm going to make you my sissy slut and make you your fantasy real. Your dirty lil secret is out and I'm going to make you my new bitch boy, my sissy slut. All those times you were trying to give me orders, well now I'm going to make you my bitch and your going to take my huge 12" BBc strap on. Make you beg for my cock in your mouth and ass and I'm going to fuck your tight little holes. A good little bitch, wank your fucking cock for my perfect body an d your going to beg to cum of me and eat your own cum like a good cum eating slave. From now on you'll be given tasks on a regular basis, humiliating task that you must do or I'll tell your wife everything, I'll spill the beans. So eat your own load like a good boy, lick it off the floor bitch. Guess who's staying late tonight to do all the work you are, I'm going out for lunch so get to work and finish that project before I get back loser. You work for me now