Roxy Cox - Pammie drains all your fluids

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    I've always been told I look a bit like Pamela Anderson must be the big tits and big hair! I play C. J. Parker from Baywatch in her red swimsuit and there I am at my lookout post watching the beach just doing my job. All of a sudden, I am in a different room and have no idea where I am with a complete stranger looking at me. I demand to know how I got here and what the hell is going on. The man tells me that he is about to drown and I have to suck out all the liquid from his penis in order to save him. I look confused as I don't see any water around and it's not the first time some creep has tried something on. I am about to respond but then the guy uses mind manipulation to control me and make me do whatever he wants. I have to save this guy and I pull my tits out and I know what I have to do "mouth to penis". I pull his dick out and start licking it and sucking it but it's not enough i'm going to have to go deeper to get all that liquid out. Deepthroating his dick and I get a huge pump of load right down my throat.# but even after that his dick is still hard and that's a sign of more liquid. I've got to ride this dick and use my strong pussy lips to drain the rest of the liquid out. Yes I ride him hard and fast grinding on that cock till I get a big load in my womb where it belongs. But even now still hard!!! That's it time to get that ass on that dick its so tight that my asshole has to get the last of that liquid out. My last tool the biggest muscle in the human body... my big round ass. I ride that dick hard and take that cock deep in my fucking tight ass, yes I want all of that liquid all of your cum every fucking drop yes that's the last of it all of that liquid drained, Another life saved my job here is done