Roxy Cox - Bimbo Fucktoy learns the hard way

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    I stay back after class to ask my teacher something, I'm failing the class and need to pass tomorrow test to get into next year, but I've not did any studying. I want to do something else to pass the class, so being my slutty self I offer my teacher a blowjob. But it's going to take alot more than just just some sucking to pass his class. He tells me he's heard about me, how much of a slut I am and all the rumours floating about of what I've done. I confront him and ask him what he has heard, he tells me that I fucked the whole football team, I've had to go to school nurse to get the morning after pill and getting fucking and filled with cum numerous times I've lost count. Everyone in the teacher's lounge knows I'm a filthy little slut and they all talk about how I've offered blowjobs in exchange for grades. I just tell him look it's going to happen I pull out my big huge fake tits in a bid to do a quick blowie and get my grade but the teachers having none of it. He rams his big dick down my throat, fucking my face hard and balls deep. I gasp for air, I've never been taken this rough before and I don't like it. I usually get my way but he's choosing to really test my patience and push me to my limit. He wants me to confess to all the dirty slutty stuff I've done and to make me feel bad about it. To make me feel like a nasty slut born to suck cock and get filled with cock. I label myself a slut for him with pink lipstick on my tits so I'm branded for being a dirty bitch and he wants to fuck me up. He knows I never wear panties underneath my skirt because I like to show off my tight little cunt, it's easy access when I get pounded daily. He gives me a pair of used panties to stuff in my mouth, their not even mine but he makes me taste them anyways. He makes me feel like a used slut and I keep telling him to just give me my grade and let me go home but he does not stop there, he wants to fuck all my holes. His cock is so big I don't think I can take it. He says of course a dirty bitch like you can, all those jocks from the football team you've taken your well stretched and ready for a huge one. he gets me to sit on top of him and ride his dick, making me moan and confess that I like being a filthy slut and I want him to knock me up, me begging for his cum to fill me up like the greedy cumslut I am. He gives me a big creampie and it's dripping out of my pussy, I taste it and I'm going to be seeing the nurse again. Getting filled again I'm such a dirty bimbo fuckdoll but I can't resist it's in my nature it's how I get through life to get fucked for good grades it's what I do best. He take my asshole hard bent over doggy style and then gets me to grab two toys and stuff my cunt and mouth. He wants me to relive the football team gangbang and make me feel used again. All I have confessed he is making me relive them because he wants to fuck me up and make me beg to go home. In the end I get so upset and keep asking to let me go just cum all over my face s...