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    THIS IS A CUSTOM VIDEO - THE STORYLINE WAS DIRECTED BY THE PURCHASER - NO NAMES WERE USED THROUGHOUT THE STORY: I'm the new Secretary intern, some guy from the Laboratory asks if I can help him pick something up from his home for the work. Since I'm new and want to keep the job I want to see the special project he's been working on. I found out that it's a substance that that makes every woman who sees his dick, irresistibly attract to him. That's enough for me, he creeps me out and I start to leave. Then he whips his cock out... The moment I see it, I can't resist it, the substance worked. I ask if I can touch his fantastic cock. He allows me to touch it, with no hesitation I do so but I want more so I ask if I can lick it then I start to lick it. Then I want to put it in my mouth. He tells me that I have to strip naked, remove all my clothes. With no hesitation I do obediently. Then I start giving a blow job. Suddenly he errupts in my mouth and face with a unrealistically huge load. I'm assuming that must be a side effect, I play with the cum. Then I start again with the blowjob, which turns into a gaging deep-throat. Not long after that he shots another even bigger load. It seems it gets more every time. Every time the cum seems to increase the effect the cock has on me increases even more, I'm so turned on by him. I rub the cum over my face and body, licking the cum from my fingers. I beg him to fuck my pussy. He keeps making me beg then caves in and fucks my pussy on my back with my legs spread. After some fucking and orgasms he fills me up with an unnatural huge load, he cums so much in my pussy and then even when he pulls out he doesn't stop cumming so I get a huge load on my stomach and tits. I am now even hornier, I masturbate my cum filled pussy with my fingers making very sloppy sounds. Whilst I masturbate I beg him for more I need so much much more as I'll do every thing he says. I present him my ass and beg him to fill that hole too. After some begging he starts fucking my ass. Then he comes again in my ass, so much cum! It's incredible.. his invention worked.. it made me cock hungry, cum hungry and just a general slut. Check it out and see what I get up to with the Sex Mad Scientist. This Video Contains: Creampies. Blow Jobs, Facials, Anal, Role-play, POV Sex