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    Times are hard and for a girl like me I’ll do ANYTHING to get a job & when I noticed there is job advertised online for a part as an extra for a new movie ‘The Harder they Come’ I get myself dressed up looking as amazing as I possibly can just to make sure I’m guaranteed the part. I've always dreamt of being in a Hollywood Movie, becoming a star but little did I know ‘The Harder they Cum’ is a Porno. When realising this & finding out its $2000 for the movie, I mean... who cares, I’m a little slut anyway and it's a lot more then I would have ever have been paid just being an extra. I’m a filthy speaking British slut & I want to show how badly I want the part! Look at how wet my little cunt is, I’d do anything! You’re such a dirty wanker, shove that throbbing cock down my throat, make me swallow your shaft & fuck my face. You fuck my face so hard and messy, I get my red slutty lipstick everywhere. "Was this your plan all along? To get a slut like myself doing ANYTHING to get this part?" You cum in my mouth, thick, creamy white cum but you're not done yet... you want to feel this tight little cunt around that shaft and fuck me silly. I don't want you to but I know you're such a filthy bastard you're going to cum inside me aren't you! I hope this means I've got the part? I wonder what will actually happen in the porno. This video contains: LOADS of Filthy Talking (Cunt.. Etc) , Creampie, CIM, Dildo Fucking, Role-play, Leather, Red Lipstick, Big Tits