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    Join Almost Haunted in their premiere live show “The Cumjuring” at the most active paranormal hotspot in London. After speaking to the owner of the house, presenter Kimberley says goodbye to her team and locks herself in the location for 3 nights in order to explore the science and psychology of hauntings, as well as tangible evidence of life after death. Kimberley captures some truly groundbreaking evidence and encounters, you won’t believe it until you see it. There is poltergeist activity throughout the stay; including "Go Home Whore" appearing in lipstick on the shower and a familiar looking nurse character from "Silent Hill," appearing to expose herself to a dominant horny male poltergeist, who does more than just touch her. Watch as this poltergeist makes Kimberley to suck his cock, give him a tit wank and take his ghost dick in her ass and pussy, filling her with some ectoplasm (Bad Dragon Cum) in all holes. Waking up on the final night with the word " SLUT" across her tits, naked and filled with so much white substance ... clearly a ghost can do much more than just touch. With each passing night the hauntings get stronger and stronger until the final night, where you experience the male ghost have his way with her... Filled Holes & Lost Souls. This video is a 4K video but compressed to 1GB without losing quality to make it easier to download.This video is a custom video & the storyline was chosen by the purchaser. No names were used throughout this video. This video contains: Ghost Sex, Roleplay, Lingerie, Blow Jobs, Creampie, Cumshots, Anal, horror themes, 4K, Cosplay - Silent Hill Nurse, Poltergeist Sex, Bad Dragon Cum, British, Possession, Possessed. MUSIC IS ONLY ON THE TRAILER AND INTRO.