KimberleyJx - Double Trouble

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    PIXELATION IS FOR TRAILERS ONLY / This is a custom video - the video was directed by purchaser - no names were used. The Story: I joined a group of my friends for a bachelorette party and celebrated going out to a local ladies club. I scouted out one of the male talents for a private dance. A male stripper named stud bull. During his performance I wanted him to pull out his cock and fuck me but he said it was against the rules. Disappointed and extremely horny, the next day I schedule a fake batchlorette party at my house requesting stud bull specifically. He shows up in his police stripper attire which I specifically requested. Little did he know I have different plans than just a strip tease. I catch him off guard and handcuff him to a chair - now it's time for a little pay back. I plan to keep him all day and tease him like he did the other night in my sexy dominatrix outfit. I’m wearing a collar that says “fuck me”. Licking and sucking all over the big hard twitching cock, every now and then I give his cock a lick a kiss and a tease suck but just enough to edge him and build up his huge load. I then shock him by calling over my twin sister. Me and my twin sister have always shared EVERYTHING especially sexy guys. Having a conversation with my twin sister I have a riding crop that I’ve been stroking up and down his long cock and I scoop some precum off the top of his cock and lick it off." Mmmm! he tastes as delicious as he looks!” I beg my sister “Get your ass over here bitch I'm fucking horny!” My twin arrives as we both are standing there we are both looking hot in our domme outfits. My sisters collar says “I love cum”. We explain that we share everything, and we are going to share that beautiful cock of his. We both start sucking all over that twitching pre cum leaking cock. He explodes all over both of our faces. " We're not done with you yet. Your going to fuck both of us" and to insure He doesn't blow his massive load to quick we double up two shiny black latex condoms. I also attached a leash around his neck and made him fuck the both of us several times and we make sure we both cum multiple times. During the fucking his massive cock breaks both condoms the cock ring is still around his shaft but he remains a good boy and gets us both off holding his load. After we are both satisfied we both start sucking all over his cock again and fucking him with our tits. We both instruct him to cum all over our faces again draining every last drop. Covered in cum we give him his batchlorette party fee and tell him to get the fuck out. THIS VIDEO CONTAINS: Latex, Twin Fantasy, Sisters, Blow Jobs, Condoms, Light BDSM, POV Sex, Facials, Taboo, Fishnets, bondage