Conor Coxxx - Mia Vallis:SubmissiveAmazonSlutFuck1080p

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    Conor opens the door in small leather shorts, and blonde Amazon beauty Mia Vallis walks in to greet him. Mia immediately submits and falls to her knees, stripping off her top. She pulls out a collar & leash and Conor puts it on her. Conor walks Mia on her leash across the kitchen, and pulls up her skirt. Conor slaps and plays with Mia’s ass. Mia crawls through a tiny black hole in the wall, so only her ass is exposed. Conor spanks Mia’s ass, and gently kisses it. Conor rubs Mia’s pussy through her panties, and slaps her ass more. Conor pulls his cock out of his shorts, and begins rubbing and slapping it on Mia’s ass. He strips off her panties, and licks her ass and pussy. Mia turns around and Conor tells her to “Open wide!” Mia shoves Conor’s cock in her mouth, and begins to lick and suck his balls. Conor thrust his cock in and out of Mia’s mouth as she moans. Mia turns over, and Conor fucks her throat. Mia turns back around, and Conor puts his cock inside of her. He thrusts in and out of Mia’s tight little pussy, giving her exactly what she deserves for being a good girl. Mia bends over again, and Conor fucks her from behind. Conor fucks Mia hard until he cums all over her ass. Mia thanks Conor by deep throating all of his cock, one last time, before being told to enter black hole once again.. ass out
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