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    **PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION FIRST** ** SOLO VID** ** The dual parts (together same time) were tricky, the dildo doesnt line up 100% of the time but I personally feel its fine PLEASE dont discredit me on that part since I let you know beforehand..* ( 3 different creampies// 2 facials (one girl each gets it solo)/ YOU DONT SEE a cumshot at the end together it was too hard to film but throughout the vid we get facials solo and suck you off at the end toegther while our faces are still covered in your cum, we stick our tongues out when your about to cum though hehe) ALL SCENES IN PREVIEW ARE WHATS ONLY IN THE VID* INTRO (0-2:02 min) | DUAL SUCKING (2:03-6:05 min) | Solo dildo fucking from behind (6:06-11:23 min) | showing you my creampie (11:24min-12:41min) | Solo BJ+facial+ super quick tittyfuck (12:42-18:35 min) | Solo 2 different views of dildo fucking (18:36-25:42min) |Solo bj facial (25:43-30:28 min) | END dual sucking (30:29-33:59min END) Your sex kitten wants to please you today like usual, but she wants to try something a little different...she knows youve always had a fantasy of having 2 of her all to yourself to fuck and use however you want..since she cant exactly clone herself she does the next best thing! She brings over her twin sister! She introduces her sister to you explaining that shes kinda shy and quiet at first (but once shes into it shes actually a huge little cumwhore hehe). Your sex kitten wants to suck you off with her sister at the same time, then she wants you to fuck both of us one by one! The two sex kittens start licking your cock together, and finally your kitten wants you to fuck her first! Your sex kitten starts bouncing up and down on your cock giving you a nice view of her ass while she dirty talks to you, she asks you to fill her up with her cum and you give her a nice load of cum deep inside her pussy, you gave her alot so she wants to give you a close up and even MORE spills out. Shes not done with you yet though! You still have yet to cum all over her face! She sucks you off and you give her your load on her cute little face! She wants to see you fuck her sister now! You give her sister a creampie and you want to fuck her again! youve never had her sister before so you want to take advantage of fucking her as much as you can! you give her another creampie (in a different position) and now its her turn to give you a bj and for you to give her a facial just like her sister! After being covered in your cum the two sisters lick and suck you off together again determined to drain you of all your cum!