BuniBun - Hinata JOI/JOE to her ass

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    **first 5 min is me talking/RP and boobies only, the rest is all booty** ** The scenes you see in the preview are the entire scenes/views of vid** ** This is a JOE/JOI vid** **SHY STYLE vid because its Hinata* **Im not wearing her jacket in the vid, just what you see in preview** ** There are no toys/cum in the vid while doing JOI** **please dont downvote my vid from something I have stated in the description, since I let you know before buying it Thanks!!!! xo** Hinata comes over to your place, and she acknowledges that your the 'Leader' of our team but she is eager to become team leader for just a day. She says she knows shes really shy but wants to get past it and says she'll be a good leader for the day, besides, she knows you like her and she knows if shes leader you'll listen to everything she says. She starts telling you to rub the outside of your pants while she teases you with her titties. She then realizes you like her ass the most and she is determined to make you cum good and hard for her with only that. She teases you with her cute butt in her fishnet dress telling you to imagine her jerking you off with just her cute cheeks while she instructs you to jerk off to her. She also talks about how she wants you inside her pussy and then in her ass as she tells you how to jerk off finishing with her counting down from 5 to cum all over her ass,.Lots of wiggles and booty little jiggles in this vid hehe