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    I met 19 year old Jaci on a social networking site for fashion models. She lived 4 hours away, didn't drive, lived with her boyfriend, and had never done adult work. She seemed like a long shot. When she was eager to ride the pooch for 4 hours to shoot a series of boy/girl scenes I literally couldn't believe it was going to happen until it actually happened. I mean this girl was flawless: gorgeous face, enticing green/blue eyes, and a perfect teen body (5'6" 110lbs 34b). Jaci has great legs, a flat stomach, and a killer ass; but the most alluring of all her features are her perfect tits that sport the most gorgeous pair of puffy nipples you've ever seen. She's a country girl from the middle of nowhere Appalachia. So she has a cute twang that makes her sounds like Miley Cyrus. And she actually kind of looks like her too. So this sweet country girl who does fashion modeling was down to fuck the second she stepped off the bus. Sadly her intended co-star slept in so we called in a replacement stunt cock. Dude has a smallish dick but he still is able to last a long while with Jaci. And that's no easy accomplishment. Jaci loves suck dick and she's not afraid of a lot of spit or of giving balls a long slow tongue bath. But Jaci is happiest when she's got a cock inside her tiny pink slit. Wow is she an athletic bang. These two fuck in about every possible position before Jaci receives her first video facial. Jaci's head is shaved so we ended up shooting her wearing a black wig with pigtails. It's sort of a cheap obvious wig so Jaci ends up looking like a super hot Halloween girl who has shed all her costume except for the wig. We shot this scene with two identical HD camcorders so you get all the action from a variety of angles. The file is a DVD quality Windows Media file (.wmv). It's crystal clear