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    Tom and Tiffany are on vacation and staying at a hotel. Tiffany tries to take a shower but Tom menaces her with their videocamera. To make him behave Tiffany promises to suck him off and take a facial on camera. Tiffany is pretty cute: blonde hair, pretty eyes, nice tits, and and a pretty decent tanned teen body. She's extra sexy with wet hair just out of the shower. But wow can this nineteen year old suck cock. She does it all. Deep throat, spitting, slobber, drooling, smacking it off her face, rubbing it on her tits, and she does this thing with her tongue that is out of this world. This fine piece of adult cinema concludes with teen Tiffany taking a massive facial. It's the kind of volume and thickness that only occurs when you save up for days and days. Ok so Tom and Tiffany weren't boyfriend/girlfriend. She's just some convenience store cashier that agreed to suck dick on camera. But it's still a hot blowjob and facial. It's from our archives so it was shot in standard definition. But we used a very high quality camcorder and great lighting so this is a pretty decent MPEG-4 (mp4) file