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    This was a weird shoot. We met Tracy on an amateur modeling site. The original plan was just to have Tracy, a baby faced eighteen year old brunette with amazing D cups, do an audition scene. But she brought along her sassy blonde friend, Stacy, who ended up doing the scene with her. It’s safe to say neither of these two will ever end up doing any more porn. They’re too shy and their attitudes suck. But it’s still hot to watch these cute young girls suck and fuck on camera for money. The movie starts with an interview and then these two shy giggling girls get naked and each use a vibrator for the same time. Then they drop to their knees and give their co-star a double bj. Wow is it hot footage. They then do the same for the horny director. Then the girls each pick a cock and start sucking, and then they switch cocks. After that their co-star takes them into the bedroom and fucks each girl in a variety of positions: missionary, reverse cowgirl, sideways, doggy style, cowgirl. It's pretty much every guy's fantasy to be able to do whatever they want with two hot girls and this guy makes the most of it. We shot this footage using two identical HD camcorders so you get to see all the action from just about every possible angle. In order to bring you all two hours of footage we had to reduce the quality a smidge. But this is still a crystal clear HD .wmv file.